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K.C.P. Associate Company Limited is one of the service providers in the design, development and maintenance of electrical systems, lasers and equipment for more than 20 years. 

We bring together know how, proven performance, process and service excellence with skilled engineers to deliver the effective solutions without compromising  our superior quality.

We are committed to be your experienced partner for Wire Maintenance, Repair and Build-To-Print Services.

Our 25 years of experience

August 1997





Company Spin Off

Mr. Kochapong Mahayossanand founded K.C.P. ASSOCIATE CO., LTD. in 1997. The company was mainly serving  and building solution for artillery systems and military vehicles.

Cooperated with NECTEC

20 years ago, there was no Laser and Light specialized company in Thailand. Mr. Kochapong (Founder) decided to join with National Electronic and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) in research and development sector for the Laser and Light Systems. Therefore , K.C.P. became the first Thai company who could repair and overhaul Fire Control System. Our first product for military usage was Laser Range Finder which currently under the process of patenting. As a result of our improvement and knowledge, we are able to support our clients for technical and mechanical solutions. 

Fire Control System Overhaul and Repair

The company also became expertized in optronic, including Thermal and Night Sight. 

Electrical System Overhaul and Repair

The company started the business section for Custom Wire Harness assemblies, Custom Control Box assemblies and Reversed Engineering.

Medical Device Repair and Manufacture

The company recently did the research and development for Medical Device section, especially Aesthetic Laser Device. We are planning to launch the new business by the end of  2022.

"Trusted, when it matters most." - K.C.P.

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