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We are an innovative and value driven company in the business of military supplies and services based in Thailand since 1997.  We have been able to serve the entire system, and we pride ourselves as one of the industry leaders in this area.

Fire Control System

M60A1, M48A5  and Commando Stingray Light Tank, K.C.P.ASSOCIATE Awarded repair contract for FCS - 10MS, FCS - 10 and DFCS Fire Control Systems.

Electrical and Instrument system

K.C.P. ASSOCIATE inspected and installed the Electrical and Instrument System and Engine and Hull System for M60A1 Prototype.

BE-DNGS Range Finder System

FV101 Scorpion CVR(T) Overhaul, K.C.P.ASSOCIATE Awarded repair contract for BE-DNGS Range Finder System.

Tank Overhaul Turret

Cadillac Gage Commando LAV-150, K.C.P. ASSOCIATE Awarded repair contract for 10 Overhaul Turrets.

APC 30(T85)

K.C.P. ASSOCIATE repaired and replaced the electrical instruments and electronic devices for APC Prototype 

Our Vision

“K.C.P. ASSOCIATE CO., LTD towards sustainable future”


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