14th July 2011
K.C.P.Associate Awarded Repair Contract for DFCS Fire Control System of Commando Stingray Light Tank amount 18 Sets.
30th July 2010 = 18 Sets
27th November 2009 = 18 Sets
Total DFCS repaired = 54 Sets
30th September 2010
K.C.P.Associate Awarded Repair Contract for FCS-10MS Fire Control System of M60A1 Tank amount 8 Sets.
30th September 2009
K.C.P.Associate Awarded Repair Contract for FCS-10 Fire Control System of M48A5 Tank amount 21 Sets.




K.C.P.Associate Co., Ltd.
Consulting and Quality Services

Products and Services quality that meets the customer's requirement is as much as influential on corporate business.

K.C.P. Associate provides high quality products and services, import the best products from oversea suppliers and produce our products from the best factory to ensure that our customers get always the best products and services from us.

Furthermore, K.C.P.Associate is capable to offer our customers with everlasting improvement on innovation and new technology.
K.C.P.Associate offer clients with the great services for repair, mending, maintaining and even overhaul the machines and engines for every kind of machines and vehicles. K.C.P.Associate has experienced engineers who are be able to make the damaged or incapable machines, equipments and vehicles to become good as new and not just capable to use but must be better than before.

Our pride is we are able to support the Royal Thai Army (RTA) with our capacity to mending the old Tanks to be capable to use and to be better than before. K.C.P.Associate can work on software and hardware, big and small tools such as Fire Control Systems, Laboratory, Factory Systems and Tank Overhaul.


  K.C.P.Associate Co., Ltd., was established in 1997, Our Company carry out business activities in specific market as support Thai Military. And that we engaged with government institution as Royal Thai Army (RTA), Ordnance Department of Royal Thai Army (ORD) and Weapon Production Center (WPC). We support our customer for mending, providing, maintenance, overhaul, manufacture, research and development on engineering cores, machines and equipments to back up the autonomy in national defense and securities.